10 Gadgets for Die-Hard Pet Lovers


If you are a pet lover your animals are more than animals, they are your children. You more than likely go above and beyond in your care for them, and you are probably always looking for fresh new ways to make this easier and more enjoyable for both of you. Here are ten inventions especially for you that will take care of that for you. Check them out!

1. The Tagg Pet Tracker


Here is a GPS for your pet that works exclusively in the United States. It is a collar that is in communication with a dock, which also charges the collar itself. This thing doubles as a virtual fence to keep your furry friend on the property, and it will let you know if they happen to get out.

2. The FitBark


You know about those exercise and fitness trackers that are out there for use by humans, right? Well, the FitBark is the same thing, but for use by your dog. It fits right into the collar, and it works with your cell phone or a FitBark station. You can view their vitals on your phone whenever you like.