10 Most Original Watches You’ve Ever Seen


Simple watches that merely tell you the time with the numbers 1-12 printed and two hands to explain what time it is, there are a number of models where it provides experience for the customer. However, those who are looking something that is unique can bring a number of choices that might show you some off the wall options on the market.
To learn more, read about 10 of the craziest watches that you can buy through the market either physically or via online retailer.

1. Iron Samurai Watch


At first, it looks like a silver-colored bracelet that is a little bit gaudy in size. But it composed of steel that the producers claim comes from a samurai sword that is carbonized several times over – although there are some doubts when Chinavision is selling each watch at $15.
It is cool to see that the watch’s band has the time displayed using hidden LED lights that can seem pretty cool for the sci-fi enthusiasts. In addition to what seems like an insane concept for a watch, the product description found in the online store is quite unique as well – claiming that your strength, among other things, will increase to be on the same level as Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal.

2. Vanity Mirror Watch


Have you ever felt the need to check your makeup or your hair in a mirror but never seem to remember to pack a pocket mirror? Well this watch will help you save time from having to find the nearest restroom with a mirror on your watch that is conveniently on your wrist. All you need to do is press a button so that the LED display will transform into a mirror.
Now you’ll always be able to view yourself for any necessary updates on how good you are looking throughout the day.