10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


We have all seen a car or two throughout our life which we would not want to drive or own because it was just plain…ugly. The truth is if we have seen them, someone bought them. Who would want to be seen operating something so hideous? Here are ten of the ugliest cars ever put on the streets. You will recognize many, and I’m sure you will agree with most.

1. The Chevrolet Corvair


This car was not only fairly ugly, it was considered very unstable and unsafe for drivers and passengers alike. They tended to rust out easily as well.



  1. This writer has amazingly unique taste in automobiles.

    I’m willing to bet that the ugliest car on the planet is what s/he drives.

    • And you are right, the push button tranny on the Edsel and later Dodge and Chryslers was one of the coolest gadgets on any car of the 50’s and 60’s. The author of this article is an inspired imbecile in training.

  2. Corvair certainly NOT an ugly car by any means…well others posted possibly yes.

    First time ever I’ve heard it stated that either of the body styles of Corvair were ugly.

    And the unsafe (according to Ralph Nader) rear suspension issue was corrected beginning with 1964 models.

  3. Oh my, what hideous cars! The only one that wasn’t completely awful was the Corvair, the rest of the lot absolutely belongs on this list